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Early Action for Success

Early Action for Success

Early Action for Success strategy aims to improve students' performance through a targeted approach in the early years.

The strategy involves:

• early identification of the level of attainment in literacy and numeracy of each individual child (K-2) and tailoring a specific program of learning to that child's needs

• change in teaching practice from a focus on the whole class to a focus on the needs of the individual student

• ongoing, close monitoring of individual student progress against the Literacy and Numeracy continuums

• evidence-based use of tiered interventions in literacy or numeracy according to need

Batemans Bay Public has been appointed an Instructional Leader-Sue Purcell, as well as additional teacher support.

Should you have any queries in regard to this new Initiative please contact Mrs Sue Purcell – 44724059.

Additional Information in the following sections are ways you can support your child at home.