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You Can Do It Education

You Can Do It Program


The You Can Do It (YCDI) Education Program for children is a whole school approach to social and emotional learning.  It was developed in Australia at the University of Melbourne by psychologist Professor Michael Bernard.  It has been used extensively in the US, the UK and across Australia. 

We are implementing the YCDI program as part of our Kids Matter journey.  The program will teach your child a number of different skills that he or she needs to know in order to be happy and successful in school and experience positive relationships. 

 The five core social and emotional skills taught in a variety of ways in YCDI are:

·         confidence,

·         persistence,

·         organisation,

·         getting along and

·         resilience.

YCDI helps students develop 12 positive Habits of the Mind (e.g., self-acceptance, high frustration tolerance, acceptance of others) and eliminate negative Habits of the Mind (e.g., self-depreciation, low frustration tolerance, lack of other acceptance) as well as teaches students how by changing their thinking, they can influence their emotions and behaviours.



The program plays an important role in daily life at our school.  You can learn more about this program on the following website

Batemans Bay Public School is a YOU CAN DO IT school!